How does it make you feel?

Attending a performance of ABT in the Summer of 2017

Does it mean giving up things? Getting new things?

Or just what people tell you … you have to change to be a better person?

What if I like the person I am? I actually do. I am kind, funny, helpful, organized, confident, loving, a bad cook, really dislikes housework, doesn’t always remember birthdays, but a great best friend, mom and all round pizza lover.

Not everyone is terrible and needs to change … I struggle with so many people always championing change. Sometimes we are ok the way we are… Anyone agree?

Life has a funny way of making sure you live it to the max, some people don’t chose to, and that is ok. Some people don’t chose to change, just because their boss said they have to, I think that is also ok. Some people change a little, for the better, the way they want to.

Doing activities together with my daughter is one of my wanted changes … going to the Ballet, eating Ramen, traveling to Miami, Japan, France … anywhere really.

My early mornings were spent answering emails from my teams in Asia and the UK, going to the office and spend all day in meetings, rush home, cook dinner, and go back on line to answer the emails of the day, and then take a 10pm conference call with my clients Asia. In between I missed seeing my daughter, my husband, my friends, my gym ….. My only friend was my computer and my email account. I traveled on weekends, weekdays, over nights, in 2 week stints, and suffered from exhaustion, jet lag, bad health, high blood pressure and a dislike of Airplane food!

My choice was to get off the corporate ladder, not change to go up it. I did not want to continue feeling further disconnected from my life in New York City. After coming out of a job that I worked 80+ hours a week, the change in routine and outcomes has been wonderful.

In July 2018 I stopped working my corporate job, after 25 years in the same industry, the last 12 years here in New York City, and embarked on my wanted changes, for me.

Everyday I wake up at 6am, I know, silly really, you would think I could sleep in! However, routine is still good for the brain, and for the family, who look quite lost when I am still at home at 7am…

I embarked on a new fitness routine, walking every day in the Summer, and met with a trainer at my local Equinox gym twice a week once the weather started getting cooler. I credit the training with putting me back on track to making exercise and fitness part of my new routine, and now I don’t know what I would do without it!

More to come on the next chapter!

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