At long last sunshine, sand, and a good glass of cold Chardonnay by the pool in the late evening… My memories of Miami are always the same, we relax and soak up the sun on our weary, white, New York City bodies. I always manage to read at least one novel, maybe two if I am lucky! I enjoy so much laying on my beach chair, watching, listening, waiting for the beautiful day to end …. but sometimes it does not. The endless sunshine and happy feeling is what I mean. As long I am in Miami, I have that happy feeling. Lighter clothes, lighter feelings, bring the aspect of days never ending into play.

I can stare at the ocean forever, it has that calming effect on me, whether it is the deep blue color of the water, with the waves lulling slowly in to the shore. I don’t know, but I never, ever, get bored.

Sometimes I watch the kite surfers, looks so difficult, so fun, I am on the fence on that one. Should I try? The wave runners are really cool, back and forth dropping off / picking up tourists that are dying to try this sport. There is no real surfing in Miami, no waves, which I kind of like. Taking a dip in Miami’s blue ocean on a hot and humid 85F degree day, is bliss. It feels like the blue ocean just swallows you up and cools you down in big swoop.

I cannot imagine Miami without me! Diving in the blue ocean every year. Maybe this could be a permanent relationship? Retirement in Miami, sounds wonderful, calm, happy, and most all, right next to the beautiful blue ocean….

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