Krista & Mia’s Excellent Adventure – March 2019

My original home town, and Mia has not visited Sydney since she was 3!

It was just as I remember, but not really at all. It has been 18 years since I lived and worked in Sydney, things have changed so much, but not really at all.

The city feels familiar, with the smell of coffee in the morning, people arriving from all the suburbs grabbing their morning cup and pastry before heading to the office. the streets start to get busy, crowded, and I realize, I am the one walking slow. Like a tourist. I am a tourist in my own city. I feel weird and a bit lost to tell you the truth!

We are visiting typical tourist spots, like the Sydney Opera House, taking great photos with beautiful panoramic views. It is difficult to get a bad photo in Sydney, light is magnificent, the backdrop, well, fabulous!

We took a ferry ride from Darling Harbor to Watsons Bay, way across the harbor, with sweeping views of the beautiful houses that dot the shoreline, magnificent views for miles. We ate lunch at Doyles Seafood restaurant, our table almost touching the sand, the fish choices fresh that morning, and a quiet sea breeze lulling our table.

The trip has just begun …. let’s see what comes next

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