I always wondered what went on behind the scenes at the Sydney Opera House. Staging as many as 600 performances a year, in Opera, Modern Dance, Ballet, Theatre and Concerts, there has to be a trick to their organization.

Designed by Danish Architect Jorn Utzen, who won a design competition, and was built between 1959 and 1973, taking 10 years longer than planned. It was opened officially by Queen Elizabeth II in October, 1973, and now has over 8 million visitors per year. It is an official UNESCO Heritage site, and an architectural marvel.

The sails of the Opera House are highlighted with many different festivals and holidays, in beautiful colors including for Chinese New Year and New Years Eve.

During the backstage tour we visited the Opera Stage and orchestra pit, and discussed all the famous opera singers that had performed, including Dame Joan Sutherland, the most famous Australian opera singer. We had our photos taken on the Conductors stand and had a real feel for what is it like to be inside and backstage!

In the Opera Theatre Orchestra Pit

We visited the Concert Hall, where Prince, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Hugh Jackman and the likes have performed. I remember those concerts, I saw INXS, Men At Work, and many more concerts there when I was younger. We took on the stage, and viewed the largest Pipe Organ in the world, which apparently is not used any more??? The room is acoustically perfect for concerts, and stage acts like comedians.

It was an interesting and exciting tour, visiting the dressing rooms backstage, seeing all the wonderful costumes and imaging being a performer in one of the wonderful Operas or stage plays. A small insight into the world behind one of the most amazing and visited Opera houses, and a feeling of nostalgia in my hometown.

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  1. Dear Krista, I have always been fascinated by the architecture of the sydney opera house and i hope one day I will have the chance to visit and attend a concert there. Thank you for the detailed tour.

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